Book Review – NonZero, The Logic of Human Destiny by Robert Wright

Marian Volkman reviews

NonZero, The Logic of Human Destiny
by Wright, Robert
ISBN: 0679758941

You may wonder why I have put this into the Miscellaneous category as well as the Inspiration category. I did, because part of the Misc. category is humor, and this is one of the funniest books I have ever read, on top of being one of my all time favorite serious works, quite an accomplishment. Wright has a wickedly incisive sense of humor and does a great job of demolishing some of the theories that I have long held in detestation. It’s most endearing.

He explores human destiny in terms of games theory, and I’ll tell you, nothing has given me as much hope for humanity than this book. It’s odd, because Wright seems to have a much more… mechanistic view of the universe than I do, which is to say, a much less spiritual one. (I’d love to have a conversation with him about this.) In spite of that, I couldn’t imagine a more convincing case for our continued existence and evolution.

I promise you that you will know much more than you did before about our species and what it is up to than you did before you read this. Wright has the rare ability to step outside of the… game, we might say, that he is in and look back at it with a clearer perspective than most of us ever achieve. An absolute delight.

Most Highly Recommended

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