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The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
by Golas, Thaddeus
ISBN: 158685190X

This little book is a treasure. I've read it many times. It was out of print for years, with used copies selling for fabulous sums. Inevitably it turned up on the Internet in its entirety. There is a new edition out now that is very nice to have, with pictures of the author (now, sadly, no longer with us) and a piece by him on the whole LMG adventure. I recommend that you read the original LMG in that book before reading what he wrote afterward, but that's just my idea.

Unfortunately (from my opinion), Golas obtained a deal of his enlightenment from psychedelic substances. Truth is truth though, and is shines forth from every page. He explains time better than anyone. His view of how the universe is made up, though unprovable as yet, makes more sense than anything else I have seen and I have had many, many realizations as a result of contemplating this. I could go on and on. See for yourself. It's a very small investment of your time with potentially rich rewards is you end up agreeing with my assessment of the value of this work.

Most Highly Recommended

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